How Smart Technology Can Affect the Sale of Your Home

While some people might shy away from a home because they feel overwhelmed with all the technology included, most people love the idea of a smart home. Especially with busy schedules, this is a great way to get things done while at the house or away. So, by targeting the right market, a real estate agent can use smart technology as a way to sell your home.


What Is a Smart Home?

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A smart home has cutting-edge technology that saves time and money. On the lower end of the spectrum is a programmable thermostat. When no one’s home, the inside temperature remains lower or higher than usual as a way to conserve energy and save money. Then, at a predetermined time, when people begin to come home, the thermostat automatically adjusts to the temperature chosen by the homeowner.


On the higher end of the spectrum is security. This includes both a professionally installed and a DIY security system. Depending on the features you want, these systems can identify someone at the front door, allow two-way communication even from a remote location, and record any movement inside the house. For the latter, a DIY security system can even send a real-time feed to the owner’s cell phone so that they can relay information to local law enforcement.


The fact is that a lot of potential buyers love the technology of a smart home. So, if you have systems installed that save time, offer better protection, reduce energy use, and make it possible to spend less, there’s an excellent chance that people will show interest.

Resale Value

Over the past several years, smart technology has had a major impact on the real estate market. Of all upgrades or changes a seller can do, making their home smarter is a practical choice in the long run. Advanced technology, including a DIY home security system, can dramatically increase the value of a home.


Quicker Sales

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Another advantage of a smart home is that most don’t remain on the market very long. In other words, compared to homes without technology, smart homes sell much faster. If you’re in a hurry to move but don’t want to discount the asking price, you might consider making a few changes. Even something as simple as a DIY security system can make a huge difference in how quickly an agent can find a buyer for your home.


The Right Pool of Buyers

Because the kind of buyers who typically gravitate to a smart home is different from the average buyer, it’s essential that you work with a real estate agent who can promote your house and the technology that comes with it accordingly. By targeting the right group of people, there’s a much better chance of you getting your asking price and closing the deal fast.


Remember that making your house more marketable does not mean going all out with installing the technology. Since security is the biggest attraction among buyers, a reputable DIY security system is a great place to start.


Better Protection and Peace of Mind

One simple decision to install a DIY home security system could be all it takes to offer a buyer the protection and peace of mind they look for in a house. Considering how affordable a top-of-the-line system is, it’s a small investment with a big return. Of course, before your house sells, you and your family would enjoy the same benefits.


After you move to a different house, you can then install another DIY home security system and other technology to create a customized smart home. With so many options, this allows you to control things inside and outside of the house when you’re not there. Just imagine having the ability to check up on your children after they get home from school while at work miles away. That alone is worth the small financial investment.


The Bottom Line

With so much demand for home security, as well as other advanced technology, you’ll never go wrong installing a DIY home security system, whether you plan to move or not. Even if you live in a low crime area society, you can never be too careful in today’s society. It all comes down to choosing a DIY home security system you feel comfortable installing and operating. Remember, many companies sell this type of system and provide 24-hour monitoring for a nominal fee. That would mean having two sets of eyes keeping watch over your house. Undoubtedly, there’s never been a better time for home security than now.

Homes are smarter than they have ever been. Technology continues to disrupt real estate. Contact us now to learn how technology helps property buyers purchase houses with ease. Use these tips to your advantage when trying to sell a house.