These 7 Upgrades Can Boost Curb Appeal and Property Value

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Curb appeal is a big factor when it comes to interest in your home when it’s up for sale. People aren’t going to be too keen on looking at a house where the grass is knee height, the shrubbery is overgrown, and the house could use good power washing. Even if you do take care of basic yard maintenance, you could always do more to make your house really stand out. 

Here are some home upgrades that can turn your curb appeal into something your neighbors are going to envy and buyers will be drawn to. 

Light fixtures

You’d be amazed by how much of an impact new light fixtures can have on your property’s curb appeal. New light fixtures by the front door should be the right size in comparison to the front door. You don’t want puny light fixtures that don’t make a statement. 

A good rule of thumb when choosing light fixtures by the front door is if you have one light, it should be ⅓ of the door’s height. If you have a light on either side of the door, each light should be ¼ the door’s height. 

Windows and doors

Updating the windows and doors to your house not only improves curb appeal, they can also save on energy costs if you get energy-efficient ones. We recommend looking for EnergyStar approved products so you know what to look for besides that EnergyStar sticker. 


Sometimes all your house needs is a fresh coat of paint to make a statement. Depending on where you live, you may have a limited array of colors you can paint your house – especially if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA. However, if there aren’t any color restrictions, the sky’s the limit! We do recommend that you choose a color that isn’t too loud like a bright yellow that used to be pretty popular because that could work against you when you’re selling.

Textures and materials

The house’s facade doesn’t have to be all one material. You can switch things up by adding stone veneers or brick to all the way around the bottom third of the house. You could use wood to make a unique front porch or use wrought iron for the banisters and railing to the steps. You can look online for inspiration or just drive around your neighborhood to see what other homeowners have done.

Professional landscaping

According to insights from top-selling agents, you can’t go wrong with landscaping done by a bonafide landscaping professional. They can turn your average lawn with all its weeds into a lusciously green lawn that’ll make you want to take your shoes off and wiggle your toes in the grass. They can create flower beds and plant trees, shrubs, and flowers that will thrive in your region and how much maintenance you’re willing to deal with.

Driveway and walkways

Your curb appeal may be coming together nicely, but if your driveway, sidewalk, or walkways are dirty or in need of some serious repair, it can ruin all of that hard work. You’ll want to give the surfaces a good power washing and if you want to change things entirely, you could hire a hard scraper to create a custom design using stone, brick, stamped concrete, or a combination of any of these materials. 

This is a good time to put your house on the market because it’s a strong seller’s market in practically every market around the country. You can gain the most interest by working on improving your property’s curb appeal and these are just a few ideas to get you started. You could ask your real estate agent for some advice on what other improvements you could make. With your agent’s help, you’ll be able to move on to the next property in no time. Contact us if you have wondered how to sell your house fast. We work with homeowners to help them with selling their property after investing in its curb appeal.