Things to Do Before Selling a House

a house by a roadside with trees surrounding it

Before selling a house, there are several things you need to do to prepare it for the market. Various factors can impact the value of a home if they are discovered by a realtor or buyer (which will happen at some point – usually sooner rather than later). Checking for certain features and qualities goes a long way toward achieving the best price for your property.

Keep reading to learn our advice on the top things to do before selling a house and why.

1. The Exterior Condition

The exterior of a home has one of the biggest impacts on its perceived value. This generally alludes to features like the siding, roofing, and even the soffit. Old, outdated, or poorly maintained external features are usually the most costly and cumbersome for buyers to fix.

It’s also the first thing a buyer will see when visiting the property for a showing. When the outside of a house is in disrepair, this can put buyers off from even stepping foot in your home – let alone making an offer.

To maximize returns and increase your chances of securing a high offer on your property, consider updating the external elements.

For example, if your home has outdated or damaged siding, swap it out for fresh new siding. One choice that’s popular right now is rustic siding. According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing siding in a property pays for itself in added value when reselling.

2. The Last Time the Kitchen and Bathroom were Remodeled

a large kitchen with white countertop and orange accessories

Both the kitchen and the bathroom are some of the most frequented rooms in a house, so they should be in good condition before selling. This means they should not be falling out of repair, with damaged appliances, chipped tiles, scratched countertops, and dirty paintwork.

To get the highest price for your property, you should also make sure the kitchens and bathrooms are considered modern. You should also ensure its appropriately renovated to its historic style, so the renovations are not considered unfashionable for the property type.

For example, laminate countertops are not in style right now and would do well to be replaced by something like quartz, marble, or even lava stone. There are many colors of quartz countertops available, so you should be able to find something that matches your interior theme. 

Remember, neutral tones with subtle splashes of color are also in fashion. Goudy kitchens and bathrooms with too much color and personalization are not as attractive to buyers as they may be to owners.

Make sure you check if your renovations will add value to your property before proceeding with an expensive remodel. Sometimes, a refresh is all that’s needed to make a kitchen or bathroom appear more updated. For example, by painting the walls or changing the faucets.

3. The State of the Foundation

a close up of a crack in a property foundation

Many homeowners today are well aware of the fact that a good foundation is crucial to the long-term health of a home. Before listing a property on the market, make sure to inspect the foundation for cracks, unevenness, and/or air leaks.

This is particularly important with Wood Frame Construction properties. These types of foundations are prone to issues that cause fire hazards, mold growth, flooding, low energy efficiency, and more. 

Remember, the foundation isn’t just the cinder blocks at the very bottom of your home. It also includes the framing system and the walls as well.

An ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) framing system, for example, is less likely to experience any of the above-listed problems. But it should still be checked for common issues, like shrinkage cracks. This is particularly important to check if the area has experienced any natural disasters in recent years.

Things to Do Before Selling a House: A Summary

When it comes to selling a house, some things are just too important to overlook. From the foundation to the interior, making sure you check everything we’ve listed here before you list a home is crucial to ensuring you get the best price. 

The exterior, kitchen, bathroom, and foundation are all areas of high value and interest for buyers nowadays. Addressing these areas and boosting their value can go a long way in maximizing profits through added resale value. It can also help you sell a house fast, as well-maintained properties tend to attract more buyers.

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Author: Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.