Top Ways To Futureproof Your Multi-Residential Building Investment

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Tenant satisfaction is on the rise across all sectors. Tenant satisfaction should be your top priority when considering how to get the best return on your multi-residential commercial property investment. Futureproof building security technology and building management and hygiene-based technologies are a massive part of the equation when improving the tenant experience in your residential buildings. Keep reading to learn how to futureproof your multi-residential commercial property and raise tenant satisfaction levels.

Top Ways To Futureproof Your Multi-Residential Building

Here are some of the best technologies and tips for futureproofing your multi-residential building to encourage tenant satisfaction and increase retention rates. Consider implementing these tips and technologies in your facility for a more modern and sophisticated approach to building security and commercial building management.

Integrating Cyber And Physical Security

With the increased use of cloud-based technologies in multi-residential building security, the distinction between cyber and physical security is becoming less apparent. This is because cloud-based security systems are part of a physical security system and protect digital assets such as servers stored within the building. When you integrate cyber and physical security, you establish a future-proof approach to security in your business. Here are some of the ways you can integrate cyber and physical protection:

Adopting Touchless And Hygiene-Based Technologies

Touchless and hygiene-based technologies are compelling features for tenants. Since the pandemic, tenants have become increasingly aware of the need for adequate health and safety measures in their buildings. You can adopt touchless access control in your building to mitigate the spread of germs when your tenants are entering and exiting the property. Touchless access control automatically opens doors, so your tenants won’t need to use a pin pad or door handle when entering their building. Reducing touchpoints like door handles and pin pads significantly reduces the potential for germs spreading in your multi-residential property. Along with touchless access control technology, you can use antimicrobial surfaces to reduce the presence of germs at touchpoints in the building. The buttons in your elevators and handrails within the building can be covered with anti-microbial surface materials to ensure your spaces remain virus-free without having to enlist the services of a cleaner to decontaminate these surfaces frequently.

Integrating Technologies With Your Building Security System

Access control serves as an excellent foundation for any adept building security system. Cloud-based access control also presents the opportunity to create an integrated security system that will be more user-friendly for your tenants, security staff, and property managers.

Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software is a streamlined solution that allows you to keep an accurate log of visitors without hiring a receptionist in your building. Before visitors gain access to the building, they must complete digital registration forms on their mobile devices. This will grant them temporary access credentials, allowing them to enter the building. Once they leave the building, the system will revoke their temporary access credentials and log them out. If a crime occurs in your building, you will have the details of all visitors who entered the property that day, ensuring air-tight security procedures.

Wellness Verification Software

You can also integrate wellness verification software with your access control system to ensure your building stays free of visitors showing coronavirus symptoms. Like visitor management software, wellness verification software requires users to fill out a survey based on their symptoms before being granted permission to enter the building. Visitors who are symptomatic will not gain access to the building, and the system will recommend that they take a coronavirus test.

Building Management Systems

Building management triggers can be integrated with your access control system. When a user enters one of the amenities or facilities in your multi-family residential building, the electricity, heating, and lighting will turn on. When nobody is occupying the space, then the energy in that room will be switched off. This is an excellent integration that can significantly reduce your monthly overheads and reduce the carbon footprint of daily building operations and improve your building’s energy efficiency.

Integrating Video Camera Feed And Access Control Technology 

One of the key security risks of an access control system is misappropriated access credentials. If an unauthorized user gets hold of access control credentials for your building, this could lead to a security breach. You can integrate video camera feed and access control technology to verify user identity. A modern video intercom system for apartments houses both sets of technology in one device, and all data can be viewed on one interface using the mobile app or a cloud-based control center. 


To ensure your tenants are satisfied with the property management processes in their residence, it is essential to consider their safety and convenience. By using touchless and hygiene-based technologies and enhancing building security, you can increase your tenants’ feeling of safety. The convenience of these technologies, and the feeling that their landlord cares about ensuring their health and safety, will increase tenant satisfaction and retention in your building.