Case Study: House Bought Near Fishtown, Philadelphia

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Watch our video or keep reading to view our case study of this property we bought in Fishtown, Philadelphia, to help a landlord avoid the Philadelphia eviction process.

An Overview: The Property

How We Helped a Landlord Sell a House Fast

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The Brotherly Love Real Estate team bought this house from a tired landlord in Port Richmond. This neighborhood is right nearby booming Fishtown. The landlord was tired of renting this property out. The tenant gave him the run around multiple times. Even though the landlord kept up with property taxes and avoided pre-foreclosure, managing the property became cumbersome.

Because of the issues experienced, the landlord had to file a formal eviction. The entire Philadelphia eviction process can take 9-12 months depending on the situation. It can also be costly for landlords. Because of the time-consuming hassle involved in the eviction process in Philadelphia, the landlord decided it was time to sell – and sell quickly.

At Brotherly Love Real Estate, we purchased this rental property from him so that he did not have to deal with the headache of renting this place out any longer. Fortunately, the property was in good condition. The landlord kept it in great shape even with the bad tenant. We buy houses in any condition, without the need for prior cleaning, repairs, staging, or eviction, and the owner was able to receive a fair offer for the property.


Keep reading to learn the frequently asked questions about the eviction process in Philadelphia.

How Long Does It Take to Evict a Tenant in Philadelphia?

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The length of time it takes for a landlord to evict a tenant can vary depending on the circumstances. Some evictions are straightforward and relatively quick, but most are challenging and drawn out.

As per the Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, for leases of less than a year that have ended or have been breached, the notice period for eviction is 30 days (around one month). For leases of more than one year that have ended or been breached, the notice period is 90 days (around three months).

If the tenant has not paid, the notice period required is typically 10 days, although this can vary. Firstly, it can be longer if a longer notice period is specified in the lease. Secondly, it can be different if the landlord has the legal right to waive the standard notice period for any legitimate reason.

What Happens If a Tenant Appeals an Eviction Notice?

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Tenants have the right to appeal most eviction notices. The timelines mentioned are only realistic if the tenant accepts the eviction and does not make an appeal. When a tenant appeals an eviction notice, the process can take significantly longer.

Getting a court date for the appeal can take between 9 to 12 months, sometimes longer depending on how busy the state is. If the judgment is to evict the tenant, a new notice period may be offered, which can be between 21 to 90 days (one to three months).

Are You Dealing With Tenant Issues?

Dealing with missed payments from tenants or breaches in leases can be problematic for landlords. However, eviction is not the only way to handle the issues. Because the Philadelphia eviction process can be costly and time-consuming, it’s important to explore other options first. There are solutions out there for all landlords and all situations. It doesn’t always have to end up being an eviction.

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