Case Study: Fast Sale of Philadelphia House Near Brewerytown

At Brotherly Love Real Estate, we buy houses for cash and help you sell a house fast. We complete the entire selling procedure in just a couple of days. While it’s fast, it’s not rushed. We guide you through the entire process to ensure you’re kept in the loop. We also make time in the process for investigations and examinations to take place on the property. This ensures our numbers are double-checked, giving you a 100% concrete, good-faith offer on your property.

Watch our video or keep reading to view our case study of this fast sale of a Philadelphia house near Brewerytown.

An Overview: The Property

What We Did to Sell This House Fast

We bought this rental property in North Philadelphia in the neighborhood of Allegheny West. This is directly north of Brewerytown, in North Philadelphia. The property is a triplex (with three units).

Two of the units were used for commercial purposes and one was used for residential. Both commercial units were thriving in terms of business, which meant the owner was current on their property taxes and did a great job avoiding pre-foreclosure. He held this property for many years and it generated good cash flow for him. However, these types of multi-use properties can be difficult to manage, especially if the owner has a change in circumstance.

The owner reached out to Brotherly Love Real Estate because he was relocating out of state immediately. For various reasons, selling to an investor was the best, fastest option that involved minimal work. We closed quickly so that he could carry on with the next chapter of his life. The landlord left happy because he was able to get out of the situation without foreclosure or additional loss of income.


Keep reading to learn the frequently asked questions about selling a property quickly to a real estate investor.

How Quickly Can a House Be Sold to an Investor?

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There are many benefits to selling to an investor. The biggest benefit is that a property, development, or vacant lot can be sold quickly to an investor. At Brotherly Love Real Estate, we can buy a property and close as quickly as you need to. This process usually takes place in a few short weeks. On average, according to Zillow, it can take as long as six months to prepare a property for sale and close. Selling to an investor is significantly quicker and less hassle than selling via a real estate agent.

Can I Sell a Property in Bad Condition to an Investor?

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Selling to Brotherly Love Real Estate is a fast, hassle-free process. There’s no need to undertake any repairs on a property, development, or vacant lot before selling to an investor like us. In fact, there’s no need to even clean the property first. We buy houses exactly as they are, so you can sell quickly without having to worry about maintenance or staging for a sale. Even severely damaged properties will be bought for a fair price.

How Do I Know How Much a Property is Worth to an Investor?

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It’s a common myth that selling to an inventor means you’ll be lowballed on your offer. However, this isn’t true at Brotherly Love Real Estate. Our goal is to offer a price that works for everyone. Once you contact us and receive your quote, we provide a full breakdown and explanation of how the figure was reached. This includes everything, from how much it will cost for us to renovate and pay holding charges to resale closing fees we’ll pay. You’ll also receive a net sheet that explains how much money you’ll leave with after selling to us.

Need to Sell a Philadelphia Property Quickly?

We buy houses in any condition in Philadelphia. Just like this property owner in Brewerytown, you can sell a house fast to us and close in a matter of weeks – with no hassle. With us, you can sell your property with tenants or without tenants. We buy residential properties and mixed-use properties. If you need a quick home sale, Brotherly Love Real Estate can help.

To discuss how much your property is worth, get an online offer or give us a call today at (215) 326-9208. Our friendly team is happy to help!