Why won’t my house sell in Philadelphia?

 why wont my house sell in philadelphia

All things considered with what is going on in the world and United States, the real estate market is still doing well. More specifically, the Philadelphia real estate market is still healthy. There are many reasons why a house still may not sell. Even during a seller’s market, there are ways to increase the chance of selling your house in Philly. You may even attract offers from companies that buy houses fast. These tips could be just what you need to help you sell on your own accord.


1.) Work with Credible Real Estate Professionals

There are amateur beginners always entering the field of real estate. Working with beginners is okay, but you need to still vet them. Real estate is often viewed as a way to make quick easy dollars. Because of that, it attracts a ton of people. Look of who you are working with on resources like Google and Yelp, check their reviews, and decide from there if they are the correct fit.


There are plenty of very credible real estate professionals out there that can help you with any type of scenario you are dealing with


2.) Selling a House That Needs Repairs

sell my house philadelphia

Don’t feel like you need to fix everything before selling. Often times, the end buyer will end up changing the layout or color after they purchase the house. Talk to a real estate professional and get their opinion on the matter. Certain repairs can help increase your end sales price. Others are less impactful. Spend your money wisely, and focus on repairs that will add to your bottom line when selling a house in Philadelphia.

Common rooms that do get a ton of focus from potential buyers are the kitchen and bathrooms. These are places homeowners spend lots of time in. Because of that, they want them to be nice and updated. These rooms are typically part of the negotiation too when it comes to first time home buyers that are owner occupants. Don’t shortchange yourself if you plan to renovate your kitchen! This will usually help you sell your house in Philadelphia for a higher amount.


3.) Layout and Style of Your Home in Philly

Since the houses in Philadelphia, PA are very old, you can find very interesting styles and layouts. From the vary narrow rowhomes, to large Victorian homes, the city of brotherly love has it all. Certain quirky styles may attract more buyers. Or they may detract them. When you are preparing to sell, keep things are neutral as possible. This includes colors, layouts, and flow of the house. Neutral colors can include whites, greys, and blacks. You essentially want your house to look like it’s from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


4.) How Much Should I Sell My House for in Philadelphia

Pricing a home in Philadelphia is a balancing act. You don’t want to price it too high and scare off potential buyers. You also don’t want to price it too low, expecting a bidding war, and not getting the actual price that you need. First, calculate how much you need to net to pay off any liens on the property. Next, determine the amount you want to put in your pocket. That should give you a good start on how much you need to sell your house for. If you seen the signs stating I need to sell my house Philadelphia, that may get your gears turning about timeline to sell.

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