4 Reasons You Should Work with a Direct, Local, Cash Buyer When You Inherit a Property

What to do when you inherit a Property?

Did you just inherit your relative’s property and want to sell it?  Here are 4 reasons to work with a direct, Philadelphia home buyer like Brotherly Love Real Estate.  

selling inherited property


Cash offers, we pay all closing costs

We pay in cash, pay all closing costs, and give you, the seller, the choice of a closing date. Selling your house for cash means without any banks involved, we are able to move quickly, be flexible, and close within 15-30 days. Is your timeline limited, forcing you to sell my house fast in Philadelphia and go from there? but By paying your closing costs, we’re able to save you an average of 8.5% in fees! Typically, you’d have to pay 6% to a real estate agent, 2.139% in transfer tax, and other miscellaneous closing costs. On a $200,000 house, that’s $17,000 worth of savings! 

A Definite Sale

There are many buyers that will make promises that sound too good to be true. As the saying goes, they usually are. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for buyers to make an offer and then back out of that offer due to funding issues, lack of professionalism, or other reasons. With Brotherly Love Real Estate, once you receive your cash offer for your house, we mean it. If you definitely need to sell, don’t go with someone who will leave you high and dry at the closing table. Go with a local cash investor like Brotherly Love that can definitely close on your property.

how to sell an inherited property


Have you wondered what can I do with my inherited house? When inheriting a home, issues can arise on the title that may have been previously unknown. Brotherly Love Real Estate will educate sellers upfront on the potential of inheritance tax, and other title issues that may need to be worked through in order to complete the sale. We don’t like last-minute surprises, and we figured you don’t either. Education and communication are key to any sale!

how to sell an inherited property

We Go Above and Beyond

We understand that with this newly inherited house, there may be some sentimental ties to the property and items in the property. If for whatever reason you are unable to put aside or pack away your loved ones’ special belongings, our team at Brotherly Love Real Estate is more than happy to do this for you. Not in Philadelphia or don’t have time to pick them up? No worries, we will deliver or ship them to you. We are all about creating win-win situations for sellers and buyers alike.  Don’t forget, if you are planning on heading out of town after moving or selling a home, do these top Philadelphia activities so you don’t miss out on the beauty of Philadelphia. For our history buffs, you can dive into the history of the city here to find other attractions to check out. 

Do you want to get started with receiving your cash offer for your inherited house? Contact us to review details about the fastest way to sell a house in Philadelphia. 215-769-9875