4 Fun Backyard Additions for Your Kids

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Every so often, it’s nice to treat yourself and your family to a home upgrade that benefits everyone. They don’t have to be big or expensive upgrades. But it’s great to freshen up your space. Sometimes, you might even splurge and build something that isn’t for you at all, but entirely for your kids. It’s just as important that children love their space as much as it is that adults do. 

The owner of Shawn Buys Houses KC stated, “We are all a product of our environment. As a father and house flipper, upgrading your home for your kids can help keep their spirits high. It creates excitement when they come home from a long day.” However, it can also have benefits for you. If you’re looking to sell your house to a family, having kid-friendly features built into your home can help you sell to your desired buyer.


Here are 4 fun backyard additions for your kids.




What childhood experience would be complete without a treehouse? Most people have fond memories of meeting friends in treehouses, sharing secrets, and starting “clubs.” Building a treehouse for your kids doesn’t have to be overly costly or time-consuming. In fact, you can likely have something built professionally over the course of a weekend. 

Who knows… maybe your new house in the trees will turn out better than you expect! You can move into your cozy treehouse full-time while cuddling up with the pinecones. Don’t forget, as you are packing your bags, to forward your mail before moving. Ideally, you would have an older, sturdier tree that can withstand the weight of a structure. However, if you don’t, you can always build an elevated wood structure that you call a “treehouse.” Depending on your commitment to the project, you can always add on elements later on like doors, windows, and even electricity.

Jungle Gym

A jungle gym isn’t strictly for fun. It’s also a great way for kids to get exercise without realizing they’re getting exercise. Jungle gyms are available online or at many home hardware stores. They’re also able to be custom built to your exact specifications. Usually, no two jungle gyms are ever the exact same but have some common elements that make it a jungle gym. Those might include monkey bars, a slide, and a swing set. Before buying or building a jungle gym, talk to your kids about what they might want.

Athletic Court

Do you like to exercise at home? A multi-purpose athletic court is perfect for kids of all ages for a huge range of activities. Many families start by constructing a tennis court, then build additions that make it more versatile like basketball nets. There are companies that oversee these projects from start to finish, however, it’s also possible to take it on yourself. All you need is poured concrete with acrylic layering overtop. From there, you can hire a fencing company to build a wire fence around it. Then, purchase sporting equipment to bring it all together. You can also hire a painter to add lines for whichever sports you play most as a finishing touch.


Pool at Your House

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This isn’t exactly a small purchase, but a pool is a great addition for you and your kids. When the weather is right, it can keep them busy for hours at a time. If building a proper in-ground pool isn’t within your budget, look into above-ground pools. They’re very cost-efficient, and in many ways, just as fun.



Backyard additions are great for adding value to a property. If you are trying to sell a house quickly, consider these tips before putting things into motion. Backyards can be enjoyed during the moment too. They’re fantastic for making your kids happy. Any of these additions are childhood staples that your little ones will love for years to come.