Does Outdoor Furniture Need to Be Covered?

rattan garden furniture under a veranda in a backyard

Whether you are a homeowner or a street-side restaurant owner, choosing a good outdoor table cover to protect your valuable furniture is always important. A good table cover can protect your garden furniture from the elements and prolong its life. It can also reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do on your table to keep it looking its best.

When considering which is the best table cover for you, it’s important to consider various aspects. The price, fabric, water resistance level, style, size, and user’s necessity are all important elements to evaluate before buying. Choosing the right type of table cover can save money on replacement furniture and keep your curb appeal at its highest.

In this article, we’ll explore whether you need outdoor table covers and how to choose the right table cover for you.

Do I Need Outdoor Table Covers?

a set metal outdoor dining table and chairs next to a pool in a backyard

Outdoor tables and furniture should be covered when not in use. Using special, tailored, weather-resistant table covers protect surfaces from water damage, animals, insects, and harmful UV rays from the sun.

Rattan furniture and garden tables are more important to cover than metal or plastic furniture. Even though rattan is durable and long-lasting (lasting up to 10 years, according to White Stores), the coloring can be damaged by prolonged sunlight exposure and rainwater.

Protecting your plastic garden furniture also prevents the color from fading over time. Keeping metal tables covered reduces the need to apply new sealants to protect surfaces from rust.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Table Cover

a set wooden outdoor dining table in a backyard

If you have standard-sized furniture outdoors in the backyard, you have various choices to make in terms of the outdoor table cover. You can choose between plastic, vinyl, and natural materials, among others, as a table cover.

When considering your need for outdoor table covers, most people think about using them for picnics or outdoor entertainment. If this is your need, consider using plastic table covers. These are ideal for keeping the table clean, wiping away spills quickly, and using around kids. Most plastic covers can also be loaded into your washing machine, making them an easy choice for use and cleaning.

Here’s our advice on how to choose the right outdoor furniture cover for your yard.

1. Compare Products & Check Reviews

First, it’s important to compare products and check reviews to determine which type of table cover works best for you. While doing this assessment, it is essential to check the supplemental information provided by the sellers and go through the comparison charts to gather more information. You have various materials, colors, sizes, and styles available to match your needs and tastes.

2. Understand the Purpose

The main purpose of a table cover varies depending on what type of furniture you have and what you intend to use it for. For example, some table covers are designed to encase the entire table. These protect your valuables from rain, UV rays from the sun, snow, wind, dust, ice, pollen, dirt, insects, leaves, bird droppings, pets, and so on.

Other table covers are designed to protect the surface during use. For example, if hosting a BBQ or family dinner outdoors, a table cover can be used to protect the rattan, metal, plastic, or wood from spillages, scratches, and other damage.

Your table cover should safeguard your furniture optimally for its intended purpose. So, before choosing the right table cover for you, do a thorough analysis of the potential threats you may face and then evaluate the manufacturers’ offerings to gauge how each product meets your needs.

3. Check Measurements

Another primary consideration while choosing outdoor table covers is the size of the product you select. Before buying a table cover, always measure your furniture to get the exact dimensions you need. It’s usually best to purchase a table cover from the manufacturer of the table. But most covers are universal to suit any type of outdoor furniture.

When measuring which size table cover you need, consider whether you want it to touch the ground or not. Leaving a gap between the floor and the bottom of the table cover can prevent mold and mildew from building up on your table, especially during hot temperatures. Being an outdoor piece, also consider whether an oversized cover may cause water to pool under and around your furniture.


In summary, outdoor furniture does need to be kept covered to protect it from the elements. This is especially important if you live somewhere that experiences extreme heat, snow, or heavy rainfall. There are plenty of online shops offering outdoor table covers of various styles and materials. Make a thorough comparison of all matching options to identify the best product which satisfies your needs and budget alike.

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