Creative Ways to Customize The Dining Room Table in Your House

customize dining room table

Dining tables provide an avenue for adding a family-feel to a basic human need. The need I’m referring to is eating food. Tables provide an area where families share meals and converse. To custom design a family dining table, one has to consider user needs, space, and personality. This is because the dining table will not only set the personality of the individual apart from the rest but also incorporate traditions that a family eschews into the furniture. Dining tables come in many designs.

Here are several creative ways to customize the dining room table in your house.

1. Top Customization

A racetrack top, or U-shaped top design, is a classic dining table design. Altering shapes of dining table tops can be used as a successful customization avenue for dining tables. Different top shapes and designs serve different functionalities and people. For example, a round-shaped dining tabletop will be able to accommodate many people when compared to a square-shaped or rectangular-shaped dining table. On the other hand, a round-edged dining table will fit into smaller spaces when compared to a similarly sized, point-edged dining table.


2. Paint Customization

The finishing appeal of a dining room table (or in some cases the paint) makes all of the difference when it comes to dining table customizations. Homeowners can opt for a rustic theme/style, or the more natural wood feel. Different color combinations can be adjusted and played with to achieve a more custom design. Homeowners can choose between either a solid color finish to denote character, or they can be obliged to choose more variegated options. They can choose to leave their paint finishes smooth or even rugged. A waxing finish is also one of the options in dining table customizations as well as different levels of wood distressing.


3. Change the Base of the Table

Legs that a dining table uses to maintain stature are also subject to customization and as such form a part of areas that can be uniquely designed in a dining table. The base options to select from include but are not limited to classic country designs, the more stable lake house design as well as the more traditional and classic Carolina base design. To customize the base, considerations that should be taken into account include:

When changing the base of your dining room table, you can also alter the items around it. Stick with 1-2 themes when customizing this room. Make sure that you select matching dining room chairs to enhance the table’s look. There are various types of chairs that can fit a particular dining room style. Of course, make sure that they are also comfortable!



Different dining table designs point to differing homeowner styles. A dining room table should not only be a functional place where meals are served, but it should also serve as family furniture where meals are shared. Choosing the design of a dining table should be heavily thought through. It acts as the centerpiece for your dining room. You have the ability to accommodate guests while offering a wide array of home-cooking food. Consider these dining room table customizations for your next house.

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