3 Ways to Profit on Every Multi-Family Property

Are you currently searching for multi-family properties in Philadelphia? Many real estate investors target these properties for the cashflow. Philly is a great market for this. Going into it as a buyer, know that Multi-family property sellers are usually thinking, “how can I sell my property fast in Philadelphia” or “I want to sell my property for cash, as-is, and not have to worry about it”. Brotherly Love Real Estate does both, buys in cash, and closes quick, to remove the headache from the seller. What profits can you generate buying multi-family property in Philadelphia?


It is a great way to build up a portfolio as a real estate investor. However, not every multi-family property will be as profitable as you hope. You must recognize key factors when you are buying to make sure you still make money! Let’s review 3 ways that you can profit from multi-family properties in Philadelphia.

Real Estate Partnerships


Partnerships are huge in real estate and can catapult you forward in your career. If you are unfamiliar with a topic, find someone who is, and partner with them on deals to get your feet wet. In the event that you haven’t found multi-family deals before, there is much for you to learn. Working with a real estate investor, who will assist you with finding an extraordinary property that will perform well, is definitely worth it. You may even be able to buy houses in cash, to avoid working with banks and saving money on borrowing money. It’s all about partnerships! Brotherly Love Real Estate can assist you with finding top-of-the-line properties in the multi-family space in Philadelphia, PA.

Choose Your Philadelphia Neighborhood Wisely

These two can go hand in hand, because if you have a good location, oftentimes the tenants are also good. They reflect where they live. B and C class neighborhoods are the areas that Brotherly Love Real Estate targets when trying to buy multi-family properties for cash in Philly. Philadelphia is a huge city, with lots of opportunities in different neighborhoods, such as Allegheny West, Brewerytown, Strawberry Mansion, and Germantown. There are many places to consider to help you find a good location and good tenants. You will also need to make sure that you have strong lease agreements set up with top-notch occupants. This protects you as the owner! Oftentimes, good tenants won’t live in an awful area, nor are they going to need to overpay for doing as such. In the event that you need to purchase a multi-family property in Philadelphia, ensure you pick an incredible area! Tenant screening is another process that is tough, and worth spending lots of time on. Be careful and go with your guy. Regardless of whether you know the inhabitants beforehand, you’ll need to run personal screenings, background checks, contact references, and confirm salary. Missing this step can cost you money down the road if they stop paying rent or leave early from the end of their lease. Make certain to check each candidate previously permitting anybody to move into your multi-family property in Philadelphia.

Establishing Rules with Philly Tenants


Especially if it is your first time investing in multi-family properties in Philadelphia, do not be afraid to be firm with the rules that you set for your tenants. It all starts with you and what you decide in the beginning. Dealing with an eviction in Philadelphia is a huge pain, resulting in time and money spent from you. Evicting a tenant is frustrating. You should tell your occupants forthrightly what will and will not go on without serious consequences. For instance, boisterous music that the other units in the building can hear, smoking on the property, the number of visitors spending time there at once, and pet arrangements. Setting up rules early will help ease any potential clashes between your inhabitants not far off. If you are asking yourself how to evict a tenant in Philadelphia you can call Brotherly Love Real Estate at (215) 326-9208 and we can help walk you through the process.

No one needs to be policed by their landowner, in any case, everybody needs to live in harmony. By defining limits forthrightly, you’ll have the option to screen out the terrible ones and discover (at least two) occupants who will be good.