5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Recruiting Agents

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The real estate industry is highly competitive, with the success of each brokerage relying heavily on the efforts of its top agents. This is why many brokerages are always on the lookout for the best real estate agents to join their teams. It’s also one of the reasons why real estate agent recruitment can be quite challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources recruiters can use—such as the ones from getbrokerkit.com—to ensure they have a steady stream of recruitment and are always ahead of the game. Apart from knowing the best practices in real estate agent recruitment, it’s also beneficial to understand the common mistakes that recruiters make when searching for potential candidates. From selecting your target audience to sending an ineffective message, here are some common pitfalls you need to avoid when recruiting real estate agents:


Focusing Solely on a Certain Experience Level

When recruiting real estate agents, you need to cast a wider net and avoid singling out individuals with a specific experience level. Doing the latter will only limit the pool of agents you can recruit. It can also stunt the growth of your team if every member has a similar background. Be open to recruiting agents of varying experiences. Remember, the most effective agents aren’t only those who have years in the industry. Many newly-licensed agents are just as competent. If you want an up-and-coming real estate professional to join your team, mention how your company has a positive corporate culture through support and mentorship. Offering help in brand-building can also be very attractive to agents who are still starting out in the business. On the other hand, you can impress an experienced real estate agent with your brokerage’s professional environment and give them access to the latest recruitment software. If you can, offer office space that can accommodate their productivity and inspire a sense of pride for being a more seasoned agent.


Dismissing Passive Candidates

Similar to giving a diverse group of real estate agents a chance, you must also keep an open mind when it comes to reaching out to passive candidates. While they may not be currently looking for a new job, they might reconsider if they see your brokerage has better opportunities. Also, taking the time to target passive candidates can help keep your brokerage top of mind. This way, when they’re ready for a change, they’ll contact you first. Make sure to create separate marketing content and campaigns specifically for passive candidates. In addition, make it a point to cultivate a relationship with them offline and online.


Sending Generic Recruitment Messages

Many recruiters send emails when contacting potential candidates. If you’re like most recruiters, you have a templated message that’s ready to send. Such emails often include information about joining your brokerage and the potential benefits an agent can receive when they become part of your team. While templated emails provide the essential details about why you’re contacting the candidates, they may not always be effective in convincing the reader. Like many job seekers, real estate agents want to feel special when a recruiter is reaching out to them. They want to feel that you’re truly interested in them and not just looking for someone to fill up a vacant post. In short, it’s best to send personalized emails. Before you reach out to a candidate, make sure to do some research about the prospective agent and find out something specific about them. Then, make sure to include this in your message. For example, you may want to mention something about the university they’ve attended or a recent recognition they’ve received. While personalizing each message according to the recipient can take some time, it will all be worth it. You’ll most likely get more responses this way than by churning out completely generic messages.


Limiting Your Recruitment Pipeline

As a real estate agent recruiter, you need to utilize various methods when finding effective agents. This means going beyond a website or word of mouth, and exploring your social media connections to find potential candidates. If you’re using your brand channels, make sure to include social media advertisements and video-based marketing in your efforts. It can help you reach more people as well as individuals who have the experience and background you’re looking for.


Failing to Send a Follow Up

As real estate agents follow up with their clients to close a sale, you also need to practice following up with potential candidates you want to hire. It will help you get the response you want, especially from those who haven’t gotten back to you yet. It’s possible that the candidates simply forgot to reply and your follow-up message may just be the reminder they need. When crafting a follow-up message, make sure to personalize it. If you’ve previously communicated, you may want to pick up where you last left off. In case they haven’t responded to your previous message, kindly ask the candidate if they have received it. Real estate agent recruitment can be challenging with various brokerages vying for the top-performing agents’ attention. When recruiting effective candidates, make sure to avoid these above-mentioned common pitfalls. This way, all your efforts will be maximized and you’ll successfully maintain steady recruitment of skilled and efficient agents.