Houses That We Bought in Philadelphia

Our projects show how we buy houses in Philly and what we do next.

We bought this house in Philadelphia

3301 W Allegheny Ave is a triplex that we bought in Philadelphia right up the road from the Brotherly Love Real Estate office. There are 3 total units in this property. However, against our usual house-buying strategies, this building has 2 units that are commercial. Both units are in the hair business. To avoid overlap, one is a barbershop and the other is a hair salon. We do our best to buy houses in Philadelphia when the numbers make sense. My partner and I were able to help this homeowner sell the property that he owned for several years. He didn’t have to do any repairs before selling his property to us.


We bought this house at 3112 N Taylor St

Dive into the details of our renovation project in Allegheny West that we took on in 2019. The seller of this home was moving out and needed to sell her house fast. We were able to close quickly, which allowed her flexibility to move on her own schedule. Here, we review the complete renovation process of this house we bought in Philadelphia on Taylor Street. The repairs were extensive, but we got through it. You can view before and after photos of this single-family home project. Additionally, we review repairs estimations and budgets in this process.


Inherited House 323 E Claremont Rd, Philadelphia

This house in Northeast Philly was a potential house flip that we came across. It needed a ton of renovations, including a full gut of the kitchen. Since our company purchases fixer-uppers in Philadelphia as-is, this property got our team excited since we knew we could add value to the home through repairs. The house was going through the probate process in Philly, and the family was trying to determine their timeline to sell. Although we did not end up buying this one, Brotherly Love Real Estate can help you with situations like this. Our team bases the timeline to buy the house around the homeowner. We are able to close as soon or as far out as you need and work around your family’s timeline.

Cash Home Buyers

Click here to learn how we buy houses and can help you in your situation. We buy houses as-is throughout the city of Philadelphia. If you are worried you won’t be able to sell your house, we are happy to take a look and see what is possible.


We helped this landlord deal with evicting a tenant

This homeowner was dealing with bad tenants at 2246 E Clearfield Street. The single-family home is located in Port Richmond. We bought this house in Philadelphia. The landlord was forced to go through the eviction process in Philadelphia. Since this happen in 2019, the landlord was able to go through the eviction process and relieve himself of the bad tenant. You can sell your property easily when working with us. He did not want to go through the process of finding another tenant based on his last experience.